uantum-Atom Optics Laboratory


Project Title  Student Name Date of Degree
Light Assisted Collisions of Cold Atoms in an Optical Dipole Trap Nithiwadee  Thaicharoen M.S. 2012
Study of Hyperfine Structures of Rubidium by Doppler-free Saturated Absorption Spectroscopy Athip Chayakul M.S. 2012
Analytical and Numerical Studies of Single Atom Trap Rattakorn Kaewuam B.S. 2012
Computer Simulation for Magneto Optical Trap  Poompong Chaiwongkhot B.S. 2012 
A Study of Hyperfine Absorption Spectra of Rubidium Using Laser Diode Tanapoom Poomaradee B.S. 2012 
Coincidence Imaging Using a Classical Light Source Nithiwadee  Thaicharoen B.S. 2009