uantum-Atom Optics Laboratory


Quantum Simulations

Controlling an ensemble of particles at the quantum scale is a strenuous effort for physicists. For decades to come, it will also be a driving force to the ultimate goal for engineering. The study of an exotic and fragile many-body system requires an analogue controllable assemblage with identical and definite Hamiltonian. Within this scenario, we are using our cold atom facility, basically the optical lattices that provide nearly unlimited ways to imitate solid state systems, to flexibly control the electronic, translation and vibration states with tunable interactions. Questions that are not traceable using classical computation or unreachable in-vivo may be addressed. Our current research involves experimental verification of the simplest model for correlated composite particles, i.e. the Bose-Hubbard model. Soon with our expected powerful tapered lasers, we will be able to produce tight and periodic optical confinement for the quantum simulation of spin frustrating systems.