uantum-Atom Optics Laboratory


Rydberg Atoms

Frontier physics studied in extreme conditions, i.e. near ionization state, sub-microkelvin regime and ultrahigh precision measurements, has not only bridged up astrophysics and AMO physics but also led to an unparalleled collaboration known as experimental astrophysics for the first time in ASEAN. Research project partnership between the two organizations, i.e. the National Astronomical Research Institute of Thailand (Public Organization) (NARIT) and the Department of Physics and Material Science, Chiang Mai University, implements a novel plan of action that will grant astrophysicists an accessible pathway to interstellar gases in a controllable earthbound laboratory. When successfully produced, the spectroscopic information therein will be studied and remodeled accordingly to show the evidence of the former existence of Rydberg spectrum lines. Tracing for the carriers of the undisclosed interstellar diffusion bands using strong Stark Effect is also made possible. Not to mention that Rydberg atoms are an essential ingredient to sensitivity in quantum non-demolition measurements that caught the eyes of the 2012 Nobel prize committee, Thailand will be among a few countries in the world that can produce and utilize them in an unprecedented aspect.