uantum-Atom Optics Laboratory


Cold and Ultra-cold Atom System

Since 2009, the Quantum-Atom Optics (QAO) Laboratory has established and been financially supported by the Thailand Center of Excellence in Physics (ThEP) to construct a system capable of producing cold (<150µK) neutral rubidium atoms. The project was initially meant to realize the Bose-Einstein condensate (BEC) and to make cold atoms accessible to multidisciplinary researchers. Over the years, we have built several highly-stable diode laser systems, set up standard frequencies using Doppler-free Saturated Absorption Spectroscopy (DSAS), and achieved the first magneto optical trap (MOT) of Thailand in July, 2011. Today, the MOT is routinely produced and our extended facility can conduct various standard cooling and trapping techniques that have been broadly employed in reputable laboratories worldwide.