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    Interested students, researchers and enthusiasts may directly contact us the group leader Dr.Waranont Anukool at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or +66(0)53942650-3 ext 118 or by our website Applications may be submitted all year long. Senior students will have full authority to do hand-on experiments in private space. Remember, QAO lab is the COOLEST AND LOWEST PRESSURE PLACE in the universe to work in!!

  • Our Research

    1. Establishment of Ultra-cold Atom System (aim to BEC)

    2. Quantum Simulation of Interstellar Gases Using Cold Rydberg Atoms

    3. Experimental Realization of Simplified 1D Hubbard Model Using Optical Lattices

    4. High Precision Loading of Optical Dipole Trap

    5. Cold Rubidium Atoms in an Optical Dipole Trap

    6. Cold Collisions of Rubidium-85

    7. Single Atom Trap

    8. Versatile Two Beam Single Atom Trap

    9. Single-Atom Atomic Chip

    10. Standalone (Self-Contained) Doppler-Free Saturated Absorption Spectroscopy (lab frequency standard)

    11. Instant (Quick Operation) Magneto-Optical Trap (for chemists)

    12. Tapered Laser (optical lattices)

    13. Fully-Automated External Cavity Diode Lasers (with WIFI !!)

    14. Rydberg State Cold Collisions

    15. Electromagnetic Induced Transparency (EIT) via Path Integrals

    16. Novel Imaging Using EIT

    17. EIT of Rydberg Atoms

    18. Matter-Wave Interferometry (at Burapa University)

    19. Atomic Clock/Frequency Comb (at NIMT)

    20. Active-Controlled Vibration-Free Optical Table (at Electrical Engineering-Chiang Mai University and Burapa University)


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